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The Secrets Behind The Fabric

What Makes Linen Towels So Great
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Featured Towels

Diamond Weave Towels

Wonderfully textured, absorbent and exfoliating, the yarns of this two-layered fabric are 100% unbleached and undyed.

Heavyweight Stripe Towels

Heavy, single-ply yarns. Natural with blue or natural with yellow, create a 3.5” wide stripe. 90% unbleached and undyed yarns.

Two-Ply Stripe Towels

Surprisingly lightweight and thirsty, two layers of natural yarns join a single layer of black yarns to create the 5/8” wide stripe.  Lightly exfoliating and quick-drying. 90% unbleached and undyed yarns.

Why Linen Towels?

Unbleached and Undyed

At least 90% of the yarns that make up our towels are unbleached and undyed. Our natural colored yarns are just that – the natural color of the fibers inside the flax plant’s stalk. The other 10% of yarns that create our stripes?  Whenever possible, we use reactive dyes that don’t require pre-bleaching.


Absorbent and Fast Drying

If you like the idea of a towel that stays fresh and ready for reuse, highly air-permeable 100% linen is for you.  Air-dries or machine-dries far more quickly than cotton terry and is highly absorbent.



Imagine using a bath towel that provides a delightfully exfoliating experience for your whole body.  goodlinens towels do that.


Space Saving

Prepare to have more space in your linen closet.  Our 100% linen towels, though highly textured, consume far less storage space, as well as washer and dryer space, than traditional terry towels.

About Goodlinens


“I began by using Goodlinens towels at the gym where they are so much lighter than a terry towel. And they dry quickly – ready to go back in the gym bag the following morning. Now I want them at home, especially with guests coming.”

LauraGloucester, MA

“I live in an apartment with limited storage space. Not only are my Goodlinens towels beautiful, they free up closet space, too!”

KatePortland, Oregon

“My passion for protecting the environment led me to Goodlinens.  Now I have beautiful bath, kitchen and beach towels that are a joy to use and require less water and electricity to care for.”

DavidBoston, MA