The goodlinens story. Why and how we fell in love with linen, and its seemingly unending list of benefits.



The benefits of our versatile, striped heavyweight fabric. This video features our beach towels, and our popular blue and yellow striped kitchen towels. One layer of heavyweight yarns.  Our same heavyweight fabric in bath towel size. More information on care for our t-pattern towels, and solo stripe bath towel. 
Our diamond weave fabric is the first fabric we designed for goodlinens. We like to call this our "work horse" fabric, and believe that this is the best fabric for transitioning from traditional cotton terry towels to eco friendly linen. Two layers of medium weight yarns.  This is the second fabric we designed for goodlinens. Still incredibly absorbent, two layers of lightweight yarns come together with delicate stripes. Featuring 90% unbleached, un-dyed yarns, the fabric becomes softer with use over time, and is slightly exfoliating.