• Better with Age

    We launched goodlinens six years ago.  After (sometimes mercilessly) test-driving our towels for over seven years, we’re happy to report that the towels improve with age, softening up and becoming friendlier with use.  Each trip through the dryer reinvigorates their thirst.  Alternatively, hanging the towels on the line creates a crisp texture that provides both absorbency and extra exfoliation.  

    If you’ve wisely purchased a goodlinens towel, keep in mind that the towels don't like dryer sheets or fabric softeners, both of which coat the towel’s fibers, inhibiting absorption. 

  • Why Linen Towels are Perfect for College.

    My daughter is a student in Brooklyn and will enthusiastically vouch for the positives of having a goodlinens towel in her life. She used the same towel for the better part of a year without requesting a second one. When she finally requested a second, it was because her guests kept trying to use hers.

    Why only a towel or two? Linen dries quickly, avoiding the bacteria build-up that can cause smelliness. Hang the towel after using, and it will stay fresh for use after use. Toss it in the wash when it’s time to do laundry, and it washes and dries alongside the rest of the clothes – no need for extra quarters for the dryer.

    The towel retains its looks, too. Inherently dirt-resistant linen yarns in their naturally occurring colors won’t show dirt like other towels.

    Purchasing two towels? The second takes up little space.