Our 100% Flax Towels | Choosing the perfect towel for your needs

Goodlinens offers a diverse range of 100% flax linen towels designed to suit every purpose and preference. From the bathroom to the beach, and from the kitchen to your travel bag, our linen towels are crafted for superior absorbency, durability, and style.

Here’s a helpful overview of the different types of towels we offer:

100% linen wash cloths and dishtowels


Diamond Weave Towels

This is the fabric everyone wants to touch - because of its great texture. It was the first fabric we designed for Goodlinens and we believe it's the best choice for transitioning from traditional cotton terry towels to eco-friendly linen. Made of two layers of medium-weight linen, perfect for everyday use.

The towels arrive unwashed and take on their signature quilted appearance after washing and drying. Our unique diamond weave pattern is superior to trendy waffle towels as the fabric structure makes for a more durable and long-lasting towel that survives frequent use, while still providing that beautiful textured appearance.

The diamond weave collection offers a range of sizes for every need, from full-body drying to smaller hand and washcloths. Whether you are drying off after a shower or need a reliable hand towel, these are your go-to towels for a luxurious experience.


Natural, White (whitened without the use of chlorine)


Bath Towel: 53" x 29"| 13oz

Extra-Large Bath Sheet: 60" x 38" | 20.75oz

Dish/Hand Towel: 16" x 27" | 4.2oz

Small Hand Towel: 16" x 13" | 2.1oz

Washcloth: 12" x 12" | 1.4oz

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Lint free linen dish towels

Heavyweight Towels

The most traditional of all our fabrics - a flat, single-ply weave with a substantial heft. These towels are perfect for those who prefer a thicker, more sturdy feel. The bath and beach towels provide excellent coverage, while the dish towel is strong and absorbent for kitchen use.

The beach towel is over 6 feet long and is perfect for the beach but our customers also enjoy using these towels as tablecloths, picnic blankets, and bed throws.

The dish towel has a very traditional feel and is great for a number of kitchen tasks - including adding a touch of style to your table setting, as they make excellent placemats.

These towels arrive pre-washed, ready to instantly become part of your daily routine.


Solo Stripe (Black), T-Pattern (Blue, Yellow)


Bath Towel: 33" x 55" | 1lb 2oz

Dish Towel: 15" x 23" | 4.2oz

Beach Towel: 36" x 72" | 1lb 11oz

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quick dry travel towels

Perfect for travel

Lightweight Towels

Our lightweight fabric makes the perfect linen travel towels. These towels are compact and easy to pack and have the quickest drying time of all our towels, making them an excellent choice for backpacking, camping, or simply a day out at the beach.

We also designed a dish towel in this fabric, ideal for a busy family kitchen as their fast-drying nature can handle constant use without generating the unpleasant and unhygienic odours of their cotton counterparts.

Feel the ultimate travel freedom with our lightweight linen travel towels.


Blue, Gray, Red, Yellow


Travel Towel: 36" x 56" | 9.8oz

Dish Towel: 27" x 27" | 3.4oz

Beach Blanket: 57" x 75" | 1lb, 4oz

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Space saving towels

Two-Ply Stripe Towels

This is the second fabric we designed for Goodlinens. Incredibly absorbent, lightweight, and the softest of our in-house fabrics. Two layers of lightweight yarn are paired with delicate stripes, providing both practicality and style. Their dual-layer construction adds extra absorbency and durability, ensuring they can handle frequent use while maintaining their elegant appearance.

Our two-ply bath towel is a favourite for the gym as it dries in a flash and won’t stay damp in your bag.

The hair towel is perfect for gentle drying without frizz - ideal for curly hair - while the washcloths and dish towels offer everyday practicality.

These towels arrive pre-washed, a second wash will make them even softer and more absorbent.


Black, Red


Bath Towel: 31" x 57" | 11oz

Hair Towel: 21" x 43" | 5.5oz

Washcloth: 10" x 10" | 0.8oz

Dish Towel: 26" x 26" | 4.5oz

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Your Perfect Towel

Goodlinens towels are designed to enhance your daily routines. Whether you need a durable bath towel, a space-saving travel towel, or a quick-drying dish towel, our 100% flax linen towels provide unmatched quality and functionality.

With their incredible versatility, we are confident you will find your ideal towels among our collections.

For a visual and practical guide, check out our videos. These guides offer detailed insights, ensuring you make the most of your Goodlinens experience.